BOLETUS II G125 5W with mirror inside

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The indirect light of the BOLETUS II makes it the ideal choice for all applications where the user doesn't want to be blinded by the lamp, yet he wants a sphere full light. Part of the Dim To Warm family of products, the BOLETUS provides the same warm atmosphere as all the others in the collection. It is suited for both table lamps, wall lighting and hanger fixtures in which the bulb takes a prominent place.

Barcode 5420069552695
Model BOLETUS II G125-5W-DTW-B-E27-230V(52695)
Technical name G125
Power (W) 5
Color Temperature(K) 2000-2700
Light (lm) 450
Dimmable Yes
Qaledo Dimming Yes
Cover Black/transparent
Voltage Range 210-265V AC/DC
Frequency Range 50-60Hz
Base E27
CRI 95
Average Lifespan 30.000h
Dimensions 125*125*175mm
Filaments qty & type 6pcs 38mm rigid
Pieces/large box 10

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