Ornamental Hanger Set - black is black

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This hanger set makes your room trendy and special, without having to invest money in an expensive fixture. You can choose a hanger in different colors. If you really want to create a nice sphere, you should combine them with the special Dim To Warm LED bulbs of QALEDO design. Selecting different hangers with different sizes of LED bulbs will create an eye-catcher set up in any place. Bulbs are not included.

Barcode 5420069552916
Model QD-HS-Black 2(52916)
Operating Voltage 230V
Voltage Range 210-265V AC
Maximum Power 100W
Frequency Range 50Hz
Cable length 1.5m
Cable material Textile
Hanger Set color Black
Hanger material Metal
Socket for the bulb E27
Canopy Included
Canopy diameter(mm) 100
Canopy height(mm) 25

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