Why should I buy LEDs throught this webshop instead of the Super market at the corner of my street?

It is not always easy to distinguish good from less good LED lamps. At TEA-Energy NV , the quality is non negotiable.
• If you want to order new LEDs later, you can. Although the EXTRAS! for Luminus customers are a temporary promotion, we have a continuity in the production process and can deliver the same LEDs. This is often not the case with super promotions in retail chains.
• Warranty of minimum 24 months but mostly 36 months. Even if you have lost the invoice, you can still contact us.
• TEA-Energy is not only a webshop company but equally the manufacturer of the LEDs. You are therefore certain that you will get the latest LED technology and the best prices.


Qaledo is the LED lighting brand of the Belgian company TEA-Energy NV. Our own production offers various collections ranging from design bulbs with dim-to-warm technology to office lighting; Qaledo has various accessories such as cable dimmers, RF dimmers and pendant lights.

How can I place an order?

Have you made your choice and would you like to order something from us? You should follow the following steps:
1. Add the desired lamp(s) to your shopping cart
2. When your order is complete click on "Process Checkout"
3. During the checkout, you choose delivery address, shipping method and payment method
4. You pay with the chosen method
5. You will receive a confirmation and your invoice by e-mail
6. All orders and payments that arrive before 4pm are sent the same day;
7. Your package will be delivered to you by a reliable parcel service. They also deliver on Saturday, not on Sunday. If you are not at home, the package will be delivered to the neighbors. If no one was found after the 2nd offer, you have 14 days to pick up your order at a Kariboo pick-up point. You will of course be notified by e-mail. If you have any questions or problems with the delivery, you can contact us via service@qaledo.com
8. Congratulations with your purchase! You can now enjoy beautiful light and good savings!

I can not find my confirmation email; where to find it?

Did you check your JUNK/SPAM-mails ? You will most probably find it there.

I do not recall what I have already ordered and would like to place a new order. How to proceed?

Send an email to service@qaledo.com with your name and addresse, we will search it for you.

My Luminus-customer number is not accepted during the check-out?

Are you an existing customer at Luminus? Please contact the customer service as follows :
• Private customer, please call 078/150 210
• Professional customer, please call 078/150 152
• SME,please call 078/155 230

Where can I find my Luminus-number?

You need your customer number in order to complete your order. You can find it on your Luminus invoice, or you can find it on line in My Luminus app.

I would like to order other LED-lamps. Can I do it?

Yes you can! But not cumulated with the EXTRAS action for Luminus customers!
You need a different color, another power, another type .... send us an email with your wishes at service@qaledo.com . We will do our best to help you.

How many LED lamps can I order?

There is no limitation on the ordered volume.

How can I pay, is it safe?

You can pay with the usual payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal ...
TEA-Energy NV only offers payment options that are 100% safe for both parties. The online payment is always done on a web page with a security certificate.
No bank checks are accepted and no ecochecks (yet we are working on it and hope to have a solution for you the coming months).
Orders are only delivered once the payment has been made.
Payment processing is 100% safe.
All confidential payment details are treated as such. TEA-Energy NV only gets to see if the payment was well executed. No details of your payment card or other payment-related information are forwarded to us.

Can I pay with my ecocheques?

Not yet, but we are working on it and hope to support ecocheques payment in the coming months.

Who pays the transaction costs?

When you pay with PayPal, you will be invoiced 3,6% extra for the transaction. For all other payments, the cost of the transaction is 0%.

How much cost the transport of my order?

For orders below €30, the transport cost is €4.
For orders above €30, we will pay the transport costs for you.

Something went wrong during the payment process; what should I do now?

If something went wrong during payment, we will e-mail or call you!
Alternatively, in cas of doubt, you can always send an email to service@qaledo.com. We will help you out.

Which are the delivery times?

All orders confirmed and paid before 15h, will be shipped out the same day. In all other cases, the shipment will leave the following working day. With a Track & Trace code that you will receive after the shipment is processed, you can follow all the steps of the delivery process.

What to do if I was not home when my order was delivered?

Your order will be delivered to you by a reliable parcel service provider. They also deliver on Saturday; not on Sunday. If you are not at home, the package will be delivered to the neighbors. If no one was found after the 2nd offer, you have 14 days to pick up your order at a pick-up point. You will of course be notified by a note in your mailbox. If you have any questions or problems with the delivery, you can contact us via service@qaledo.com. After 14 days, the order will be returend to our logistic center; we will contact you to agree how to further proceed with the order.

I entered the wrong delivery address; what should I do now?

Entering a wrong address can always happen. Send us the correct delivery address and we will try to change it. The change can only take place if the transport company did not process your order.
Your billing address can always be changed. Send us the changes via service@qaledo.com and we will make sure that it will be changed.

How does Track & Trace work?

When you place an order with us, we immediately start working for you. We prepare your order in our warehouse and give it to the courier service. The courier service will send you a Track & Trace number/code, which you can use on their website. Log into the website, fill in the number/code that you received and you can see where your order is and what the expected delivery time is.

I did not get the Track & Trace number

The Track & Trace number/code is sent once the shipment is processed.

What cost Track & Trace?

Track & Trace is for free.

How to use Track & Trace for a return shipment?

On the return label you got from us, you will see a Track & Trace nummer/code which you can use to follow the return process for process under warranty. We would like to remind you that returns are at your own risk. 

Smart thermostat, how can I install it?

The link below will help you see if this thermostat is compatible with your boiler: https://check.netatmo.com/en/thermostat/question/wifi

All the details and installation instructions of the thermostat on:

If you might consider to return your products bought together with this smart thermostat by your right of withdrawal, you will have to return the thermostat too.

In case you still have questions, please contact Luminus.

How does the warranty work?

The warranty period starts from the date when you have received your order. If your product is defective during the warranty period, you can return it and we will repair or replace it with a new one. However, you can not claim the warranty if there is deliberate damage, negligence, improper use, negligent maintenance or damage due to failure to observe the instructions.

How long is the warranty period?

For our customers, a guarantee of at least 24 months from the date stated on the invoice applies. Please keep your invoice (on paper or the electronic version) as proof of purchase. For some products a longer warranty period applies, see the product details. Products have a lifespan of 30,000 to 50,000 working hours and therefore do not normally break.
If this happens, under normal use of the lighting, the defective lamps will be replaced during the warranty period without extra costs.

How can I return the product(s) under warranty?

Please contact TEA-Eneryg NV by sending an email to service@qaledo.com with the subject 'Warranty LED + invoice number'. You will have to return the goods to TEA-Energy NV within 20 days from the delivery of the goods at the following address:

TEA-Energy NV
Warranty LED

Zeypestraat 47A
1910 Kampenhout, Belgium

We provide you with a replacement product with a return label in the packaging. With this you can return the defective product (s) at our expense. Please note: only send them to our express request and with a TEA-Energy NV address label. We enjoy a reduced rate for returns and do not reimburse the higher costs for a private shipment!

Always include a copy of the original invoice with the goods.

The liability of TEA-Energy NV, for the damage caused by its fault or negligence in the performance of this agreement or any damage caused by the products sold by TEA-Energy NV, is limited to a maximum of the original purchase price of the agreement.
The warranty only applies to the delivery of the products and not at all to the installation thereof. In other words, TEA-Energy NV will deliver replacement products in accordance with the first delivery. We do not assemble, disassemble or install these products.

I am not happy with the delivered products. How can I send them back ?

If you wish to make use of your right of withdrawal, you must contact TEA-Energy SA by sending an e-mail to the address service@qaledo.com with the Subject: "Return product" within 14 days of delivery . You must return the goods (at your expense / risk) within 20 days of delivery of the goods. The return product (s) and a copy of the invoice must be sent to our office:

TEA-Energy SA
RETURN product
Zeypestraat 47A
1910 Kampenhout, Belgium

To learn more about the return procedure, please read our Terms and Conditions carefully.

When do I get my money back?

We will refund the payment (s) we received for the purchased product (s), within 14 days of receipt of the returned product (s). If the product is depreciated by the way it has been treated (apart from a use that is in accordance with its operation), you are responsible for it. The value of the product (s) may decrease if the product or products are no longer complete (accessories missing), are damaged (blows, claws) or if the packaging is clearly damaged.

Please also read our Terms and Conditions.

Which products are directly available in stock?

All products in this EXTRAS! campaign for the Luminus customers are delivered from stock, and the stock is closely monitored so that we can send your order quickly.
If a product is not in stock anyway, this is clearly stated on the product page and the maximum waiting time is 6 to 8 weeks. You will be notified immediately by e-mail.
The availability of each product is clearly mentioned on the product page.

Where are the LED products manufactured?

The products of the EXTRAS! campaign for the Luminus customers are from the brand Qaledo.
Qaledo lamps are manufactured in China by a Belgian lighting producer (TEA-Energy NV). The production is based on ethical values ​​and quality. In addition to the energy-efficient aspect, Qaledo's values ​​and standards offer an extra dimension to fair trade.
The head office of Qaledo is located in Belgium. The entire production process in China is sent from Belgium, so that the quality is guaranteed at all times. All new products are developed by the Belgian Research & Development team.

How does the quality control for the LED products work?

The products are manufactured with great care and attention to the quality procedures.
A quality controller does a visual check and every product is briefly tested when leaving the production line.
After production, all products go to the "aging room" where they are tested in the following way:
- switched on continuously for 8 hours
- switch on / off for 8 hours
- once again, switch on continuously for 8 hours
This test is carried out under an increased voltage of 280V, with or without the use of transformers. The goal is not only to remove the defects, but also to discover systematic problems.
Outdoor lighting is equally submerged under water to test the water resistance.
During packaging a visual test is still being done to discover mechanical problems such as damage to the housing, etc.
Upon arrival in Belgium, sample tests are also done before they are taken in stock.
All lamps meet the European quality mark and you can be convinced that the products you purchase in this EXTRAS! action for loyal Luminus customers of very good quality.

Where to find the technical product information?

The info is available on the product pagina on the webshop.

I would like to make a suggestion, send a complaint or signal an error. How can I do it?

We are happy with all your feedback. Please send us an email at service@qaledo.com.

I have a question for Luminus. How can I reach them?

The Luminus Customer Care numbers are:
• Private customers: 078/150 210
• Companies: 078/150 152
• SME: 078/155 230

I am not a Luminus customer, can I order products related to this EXTRAS! campaign?

This promotion is only for Luminus customers and if you want to enjoy this fantastic promotion, you can become a customer of Luminus.
The Customer Care of Luminus helps you with pleasure on the following numbers:
• Private customer, please call 078/150 210
• Professional customer, please call 078/150 152
• SME,please call 078/155 230
As a non-Luminus customer you can order the same LED lighting products as the ones in the Luminus campaign, but then you are not entitled tothe same attractive discount.

How much light do I need in each room?

The necessary light depends on the activity that is performed in a particular place, and is easier to express it in lumens per square meter (or 'Lux' value).
Where people read or do detailed work, such as in an office or in a kitchen, one should have between 400-500 lux. In a hall, bathroom, etc 250-300 lux could do.
Based on this data, we have to calculate the necessary light: necessary light value in lumens = area space x required light value in LUX.
On each lamp is stated how much lumen it gives. If we know how many lumens we need, we can divide this value by the lumen value that the chosen lamp gives, and so we get the number of necessary lamps.
Ex: I would like to place LED tubes of 18W and 1.2m long in my garage, where I want to do repairs, so I have to be able to see clearly. The garage is 8m long at 5m wide.
Calculation: Because I have to be able to see well, I choose 450 lux value. The surface of the garage is 8m x 5m = 40m2. The total required light in lumens will be 450 lux x 40m2 = 18,000 lumens. When I look at the lumen value of the chosen LED tube, I see in the specifications that such a tube gives 2018 lumen. Now I can calculate how many tubes I need: 18,000 / 2,018 = 9, so I have to hang 9 LED tubes of 1.2m.
This calculation is not 100% correct because we do not take into account the color of the walls, ceiling, windows etc, but is good enough to give a reasonable idea.

Why is LED-lichting more economical than halogen or other lamps?

A conventional bulb converts only 2 to 3 % of its used energy into light, 97-98% is heat, and in terms of efficiency you can not score worse.

LED lighting provides approximately 8-10 times more light for the same used electricity.

How many hours will work a LED-lichting lamp?

LED lamps function between 30,000 and 50,000 hours.
If you let the lamp on for 6 hours on average every day, we talk about a life span of 14 to 22 years! That is many times longer than with conventional lighting, halogen lamps or even the energy-saving lamps.

Which types of LED's exist?

You have LED in all sizes and shapes: DIP, SMD, High Power, COB, SCOB and filament.

The LED spotlights and lamps offered in the EXTRAS! action for the Luminus customers are all produced with the latest LED technology. The E14 and E27 LED lamps are equipped with LED filament technology. The GU10 and MR16 spots have a COB LED. The spotlights and T8 LED tubes use SMD LEDs, D-LED's.

Can I replace each and any lamp with a LED-lamp?

Basically, for every lamp (incandescent, halogen spot, energy saving lamp) used in a modern house, there is a LED version.
Most LED variants have undergone an enormous evolution in recent years, so that the LED alternative has the same light intensity and light color as your known, 'old' lamps.

Can I install the LED lights myself or I sould beter use a qualified electrician?

LED lighting is not difficult to install and everyone can do it: you remove the old lamp and replace it with the new LED lamp.

If you have dimmers or transformers, then the installation is a bit more complicated and it is sometimes a good idea to be assisted by a qualified person.

Is LED lighting dimmable?

Some LED lamps are not dimmable, others do.
All QALEDO LED lamps with E14, E27, GU10 or MR16 feet are dimmable.

The dimmable LED lamp does not work with my 'old' dimmer. Why ?

Older dimmers can not dim the LED lamps, mostly because they need a certain load, and the LED lamps sometimes fall below that value due to low consumption. To be sure, when people choose a dimmer, always have to look if the dimmer is suitable or not for LED lamps. There are also many low quality dimmers on the market, and they work less stable (for example, the lamp flickers at certain levels). Our lamps have been tested with the Niko and Eltako LED dimmers. Moreover, we also have 2 dimmers of own production in our range:
- a cable dimmer
- a dimmer with remote control

Does a LED-lamp get warm?

The warmth created by a LED is very low, you can almost always grab a burning LED lamp without having pain.

My light flashes or stays on when my switch is off; what can I do?

The flashing or permanent light is most likely caused by an induction voltage on the wiring (a" mini-current "is generated because, for example, wires are too close to each other).

That is not dangerous in itself, but obviously annoying with LED. In the case of halogen lamps, that voltage will also have been there, but as they need a much larger capacity to burn, they will not light up quickly an the issue is not visible. LED lights are already on and functioning with 1W. The induction voltage disappears when you install a bipolar light switch. In every case, if the lamp does not go off with the switch, there is a fault in your electrical installation.

Are the LED lamps from this EXTRAS! action for Luminus customers waterdproof?

The waterproof factor of a product is indicated by an IP code which is clearly indicated on each product description area.

The flood lights can be used perfectly outside (IP 65). The tubes, spots and lamps are for indoor use (IP 20).

Can I get government subsidies for the LEDs?

Subsidies for energy-efficient LED lighting depend on each region and whether you are a private individual or a company. Please contact the technical department of your municipality or the grid supplier for information.

Can I also use LED lamps in a humid environment such as the bathroom?

There are special rules for lighting in a bathroom. Some of our products are suitable for bathrooms, such as our downlights.

In the bathroom you will prefer 12V lighting. The 12V spots (MR16) can serve this perfectly. Please note: these spots should be used in a waterproof fixture in places where there is a lot of moisture or water (eg directly above the shower).

Which are the main advantages of the LED-lamps?

1. Low consumption
LED lighting uses about 80% to 90% less than incandescent and halogen lamps. On average, you have earned back the purchase costs after 1-2 years. Everything that follows is pure profit!

2. Up to 50,000 working hours
LED lamps work from 30,000 to 50,000 hours. That is 5 times longer than a low-energy light bulb and 20 times longer than a light bulb.

3. No warm-up time
LED lighting works immediately at full power. So you do not have to wait for a while before the lamp performs optimally, as with a CFL.

4. Safer
You can not touch a light bulb without being burned. LED develops considerably less heat and that makes it much safer in terms of fire risk and children playing.

5. Simple alternative
LED lamps and spotlights are available in all standard fittings (GU10, MR16, E27, E14, ...). You only need to remove your old lamp from the fixture and turn the new LED on!

6. Environmentally friendly
In addition to the lower energy consumption, the components of an LED lamp are easily recyclable.

7. Beautiful light
Available in all conceivable shades: from natural white and warm white to multi-colored. You no longer notice the difference between a light bulb and a new efficient LED lamp!

Are the LED-lamps more efficient than the energy saving lamps?

LED lamps are more efficient than energy-saving lamps and more than five times more energy-efficient than a conventional light bulb.

An advantage of the LED lamp is that it does not need a start-up time, where an energy-saving lamp usually needs to burn at full power. In addition, LED lamps are dimmable, which is not the case for energy-saving lamps in most cases.

Finally, LED lamps are also more resistant to winter cold. That is why LED lamps can be used better in the garden than energy-saving lamps. This way it is also possible to save energy in the garden.

LED lamps are more expensive, but they last longer than energy-saving lamps. A low-energy light bulb lasts about 10,000 hours on average. LED lamps last for 30,000 to 50,000 hours.

My dimmer does not work anymore after I installed my LED. Why?

This has to do with the minimum load: LED lamps and spotlights consume considerably less than traditional lighting.

If you want to keep your current dimmer, look carefully at this dimmer's minimum power. That is the minimum load required for the dimmer to work properly. The minimum power is different for each dimmer.

Suppose it is 45W, for example, you will have to connect 10 LED spots of 4.5W. If you do not install enough power on your dimmer, it may not work at all or will not work optimally.

I replace my conventional lamps one after the other, when they stop working. Is this the best way to replace them?

That is possible, but that is actually not the best way.
Keep in mind that even if halogen / incandescent bulbs do not break, they consume up to 90% more than the LED alternative. So even if the LEDlamp is more expensive, you get that extra price back.
In addition, low-energy light bulbs on the same circuit sometimes generate power surges, which can cause your LED lights to break.
Finally, there is the view and the unconscious processing of the light. The same light sources, with the same light colors, give your eyes a rest and provide less stress.

What does the 'lumen' value marked on the LED lamp mean?

Lumen = unit of luminous flux.
Lumen is one of the most important criteria for comparing lamps with each other.
The luminous flux is a measure of the total amount of visible radiation that is emitted per second. The human eye catches certain wavelengths (colors) better than others. For example, we see green and yellow much better than ultraviolet and infrared. Lumen is a good comparative factor, because with the same wattage there can be a big difference in the perception of different shades. So look for an optimal combination of 'lumens per watt'.

How many times can a LED-lamp be switched on and off?

An LED lamp has an average of 1 million switching cycles or even more. Especially the low-energy light bulbs can not always switch on and off frequently.

Can I install a LED lamp behind a presence sensor?

Since LED lamps do not suffer from negative turning on and off, even shortly after each other, they are particularly suitable for placing behind a presence sensor. In addition, they give light immediately at full power, which is an advantage for these types of applications.

We offer different products with an integrated sensor.

What is the energy category of the LED lamps ?

All the LED lamps belong to the A+ category and higher.

Why are the LED lamps more expensive than conventional lamps?

LEDs have been around for a long time: since 1962, but the use of LEDs in general lighting is still fairly new.
For LEDs with a high light output, complex manufacturing processes are required. That explains the higher price.

Is there a big difference between a conventional light bulb and a LED light?

The difference between an incandescent lamp and a LED lamp is very small, especially the LED filament lamps with vertical LED wires give almost the same warm white light as a conventional light bulb.

LED lamps must have 2700 Kelvin (and lower) when the color temperature is meant to match the warm white of the conventional light bulb.

My dimmer buzzes with the LED, is that normal?

Every dimmer buzzes or hums a bit, that is typical for a dimmer, but if the dimmer buzzes remarcably loud, something may be wrong.
Check whether:
- your dimmer is compatible with the light source (eg phase connection vs phase cut-off);
- your lamps are indeed dimmable;
- make the lamps good contact with the fitting?

How do I buy the best LED lamp?

You can choose the ideal LED lighting in these 6 steps:

We make a formal distinction between an LED lamp and a LED spotlight.
A LED lamp has a much larger light angle and seems almost round all around.
A LED spotlight has a much smaller light angle and is used as accent lighting. The advantage of a spot is that you can aim it well and that no light is lost.

Over the years, a proliferation of different fittings (or 'feet') has been developed. Some you have to stick, others to screw, etc. We offer the most common lamp bases. On the section 'Lamp fittings and feet' you will find an overview.

Does your lighting work with a transformer (12V) or directly on 230V?
If you have 12V and want to continue using the current transformer, you have to take into account a few things:
- Does your transformer work on 12V AC, DC or AC / DC? Check carefully whether your new LED spotlight matches the voltage.
- Do you have a minimum load for transformer? Then the consumption of all connected LED lamps must reach the minimum power. Otherwise, the LEDs will flicker or will not work.

We have a dedicated special section to the aspect of dimming LED lighting.

With LED lighting we no longer speak in 'wattages', but in 'lumen'. Technological development does not stand still. You get more and more lumen for a lower wattage (more light, less consumption).
To replace a halogen spot, we have made a simple rule. You can find it on the section ' Which equivalent in LED do I have to choose to replace my 50watt halogen spot ?'
- In the answer to the question "" How much light do I need in each room? "" You can find the number of lux (lumens per square meter) per room or per activity. The rest of the data can be found on the relevant product page.

The color temperature is one of the success factors of LED lighting. You can provide the appropriate atmosphere for every situation.
The lower the Kelvin value, eg 2700K, the warmer and cozier the light. If you opt for 6500K, you have a real white light.
The color temperature depends on what you want to do in that space. Warm white light is suitable for almost everywhere in the house, except in the places where you 'work' (eg kitchen top).

How to recognize a 'goed' LED lamp?

There is a huge range of LED on the market, often of substandard quality.
A word (technical) explanation of the price differences and quality differences between LED lamps:

The price differences are determined differently: components or functionalities in the lamp itself, the point of sale, the guarantee, the service and the advice you get wit hthe lamp.

The quality of each individual part determines the total price. You may not need the best quality of all facets, but you still want your lamp to shine for several years.
- The radiated light: is expressed in lumen: the more lumens per watt you have, the more efficient your lamp. So compare the lumen value, because it says more than the wattage.
- Consumption (wattage): on light products sometimes a lower wattage is mentioned than they actually consume. This can easily be determined by a measurement, but of course you do not do that when you buy the lamp in the store. Qaledo lamps are certified and effectively consume as little as there is mentioned on the packaging.
- Stability in light color: in the case of quality lamps, the light color remains the same during the life of the lamp and over the various production processes (important for repeat orders). This is often not the case with cheaper lamps.
- Color Rendering Index (CRI): an indicator of how the colors are displayed. If this is below 80, the colors are distorted.
- Housing: cheaper housings do not conduct the heat properly and as a result, LED lamps break down faster.
- Internal driver: most LED lights have a built-in driver. Here is a HUGE quality difference to be found. The high-quality lamps have a driver that works under its capacity. As a result, the lamp lasts much longer and is less sensitive to power surges.
- Dimmability: dimmable drivers are more expensive than non-dimmable drivers. So dimmable LED lights are logically also more expensive (the Luminus lamps and spots are dimmable).

Some department stores and do-it-yourself chains purchase large numbers of LED lamps at 'sell-out' or 'end-of-the-line' in the Far East. It is usually lamps that have outdated technology (sometimes even with the same outside work, so not visible to the consumer).
They sell these lamps in one-off promotions and at very low prices.
The disadvantage is that if the action is no longer running (usually after a few weeks), you can no longer order the lamps (even if they are from a well-known brand) or that defective lamps can not be replaced.
The lamps of the Luminus EXTRAS! action remain standard in our range, even after the promotion. We ensure that there is always sufficient stock for additional orders. The possible internal improvements to the lamp will not change the appearance of the lamps.

LED lighting is a new technology and you may have a number of questions about it. Service, advice and support are therefore very important.
In a supermarket or large store there is rarely someone who will be able to answer your questions about LED, in case of problems, how to choose the right LED lamps, installation, etc.

We offer you an EXTRA year warranty on top of the normal warranty period of 2 years.
If you notice that your lamp is defective within 3 years, we will replace it for you. You do not have to bother too much to search for your original 'cash ticket'. We can find this for you!

Which fitting should I choose for my spots?

There are 2 types of spots: on 230V and 12V.
- 230V spots have a foot that we call GU10.
- 12V spotlights have a socket that we call MR16 fitting.
So check out the feet of the spot you want to replace and you immediately know whether you should choose a spot on 12V or 230V.
There are also other fittings possible in LED, but these lamps / spots are not provided in the EXTRAS! action for loyal Luminus customers.

Which color temperature to choose: warm white or just white?

The traditional halogen spotlights and the traditional home lighting give warm white light. To perform functional tasks, natural white or cold white is better to be used.

Which equivalent in LED do I have to choose to replace my 50Watt halogen spot ?

A few simple rules to choose the equivalent in LED:

1. Replacement of classic incandescent lamps: I choose for a LED lamp that has 10 times less power
2. Replacement of halogen lamps: I choose a LED lamp that has 8 times less power
3. Energy saving bulb or classic fluorescent tubes: I choose a LED lamp that has 2.5-3 times less power.

Why do I need a transfo for a LED lamp of 12V?

12V-LED lighting works with direct current. As you get alternating current from your electricity supplier at home, that's why a transformer is needed that converts alternating current into direct current, which also ensures a conversion from 230V to 12V.

If you want to convert 12V spots to LED spots and you want to continue using your current transformer, you have to take into account a few things:
- Does your transformer work on 12V AC, DC or AC / DC? Check carefully whether your new LED spotlight matches the voltage.
- Does your transformer have a minimum load? Then the consumption of all connected LED lamps must reach the minimum power. Otherwise, the LEDs will flicker or will not work.
If the flickering continues with the 12V spots, it is best to replace the existing transformer with an LED transformer of the required power + 20%. For example, if you have 4 LED spots of 4.5Watt, you should choose a transformer of 24 watts.

The TEA-Energy LED transformers operate on 12V DC and are compatible with all the LED products.

Why do I need a stabilizer in my boat or in my caravan?

In batteries, campers, caravans and cars, a battery provides the energy.
When that battery runs out, it is recharged. The reload provides a power surge (eg 12V battery has a peak of 14V and a 24V battery has a peak of 28V). This peak can damage the LED lighting and a stabilizer neutralises this peak.

I would like to dimm my LED spots and lamps. Can I do it?

Of course you can, the spots and lights in the EXTRAS! Action for Luminus customers are all dimmable.

See all the details on the answer to the question 'Is LED lighting dimmable?'

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TEA-Energy NV commits to use the customer's personal data exclusively for the execution of the order/agreement placed on our website and to send the customer information about TEA-Energy NV without any obligation.
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