RUBRUM I G95-2W-DTW-R-E27M-3V(52893)

The indirect light of the RUBRUM I makes it the ideal choice for all applications where the user doesn't want to be blinded by the lamp, yet he wants a sphere full light. Part of the Dim To Warm family of products, the RUBRUM I provides the same warm atmosphere as all the others in the collection. It is suited for the Lila lamps (white, grey, black).

Barcode 5420069552893
Model RUBRUM I G95-2W-DTW-R-E27M-3V(52893)
Technical name G95
Power (W) 2
Color Temperature(K) 1800-2500
Light (lm) 180
Dimmable Yes
Qaledo Dimming Yes
Cover Red / transparent
Voltage Range 3V
Base E27 Modified
CRI >90
Average Lifespan 30.000h
Dimensions (mm) 95*135
Filaments qty & type 2pcs 38mm rigid