SP-6060-ND-060-NW-00(white) (05301)

The Ultra High Brightness series of panels provide extra high luminosity at lower power consumptions.

Due to the uniform light they give, these LED-panels 'bring the sun' into the office or room, giving the impression of a window with natural light coming in.
Besides offering a 'modern' look, the light they provide is also strong, nice and uniform.

There is no driver included with the panel. In order to operate it a driver must be added from the accessories list. The driver is not included to give the chance to the user to select the type which best suits the needs (power, dimmability, life span).
Available in white or aluminium color frame.

Mounting frames and hanging sets are also available (see accessories section). Applying a transparent film on the panel with a picture (like clouds for example) can create a special nice effect.

Lifespan: 50.000 hours

Bar code 5420069505301
Model SP-6060-ND-060-NW-00(white)
Power (W) 60
Color Temperature (K) 4000
Light (lm) 6047
Dimmable Driver dependent
Cover White
Nominal Voltage 230
Voltage Range 85-277V AC
Frequency Range 50-60Hz
Power Factor >0.9
Dimensions (mm) 595*595*10
Weight (g) 4080
IP Rating IP20
Working Temperature (Degree Celsius) -25... +45
Cover material Polycarbonate
Body Color Grey or White
Packaging in large box 5
Lighting Angle (Degrees) 160
Color rendering index (RA) >80
LEDSource Epistar 2835 SMD 0,2W LED