SPFrHangingSet_120cmPanel (08753)

SPFrHangingSet_120cmPanel (08753)

The hanging set allows hanging the square or rectangular panels on the ceiling.

Easy to install and thanks to the innovative fixing system it is easy to balance the panel to stay horizontally.

There are 2 available sets:
- for the panels up to 60cm max length the set contains 2 hanging sets
- for panels longer then 60cm we recommend using the set with 3 hangers (one in the middle of the panel) to avoid the panel bending down

Ideal to use the panels above office desc, reception table, etc.

Package includes 2 pairs suited for up to 60cm. Includes also 1 transparent extension cable for the driver.

Bar code 5420069508753
Model SPFrHangingSet_120cmPanel
Cover Suitable for panels larger than 60cm
Weight (g) 330
IP Rating IP20
Working Temperature (Degree Celsius) -25... +53