This pure wood lamp can fit any place in your interior, from a reading point to a corner or as a decoration on a table. The simple design will give you the freedom to use it in a shy and discrete way, with a little bulb ..... up to the ostentative and imposing way with a huge bulb. The built in dimmer allows you to take full advantage of our Qaledo LED design bulbs.

Barcode 5420069552305
Model WD-D-E27(52305)
Operating Voltage 230V
Voltage Range 210-265V AC
Maximum Power 100W
Frequency Range 50Hz
Dimming Range 10% - 100%
Qaledo dimming Yes
Dimensions(mm) 120 x 120 x 90
Cable length 1.5m
Cable material Rubber
Lamp material Natural wood
Socket for the bulb E27