The elegant shape of this lamp makes it the perfect choice for a nightlamp, a small table lamp, etc. In combination with our Qaledo dim-to-warm bulbs, it can create an exotic sphere when dimmed. The lamp comes with a stylish remote control which allows him to control it from a chair without even moving.With a very simple configuration procedure, one remote control can be configured to control multiple lamps, so if you have in a living for example one such lamp in each corner, with a touch of the remote all of them can go on or off, or be set to create the desired sphere.
Mostly bought together with the BOLETUS lamp.
Bulb not included.

Barcode 5420069552671
Model YCL-Nr.1-RF230v-W(52671)
Operating Voltage 230V
Voltage Range 210-265V AC
Maximum Power 100W
Frequency Range 50Hz
Cable length 2m
Cable material Soft textile cable
Lamp material White concrete
Socket for the bulb E27
Dimming Range 0% - 100%
Qaledo dimming Yes
Remote control 3 buttons, included