Bright Outdoor Solar LED light with motion sensor - white

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Since this outdoor Solar LED Light doesn't need any connection to electricity, it can be installed anywhere where you need a light in the evening: patio, car pool or garage entry, door entry, garden.... During day time, the solar panel will charge the built-in battery. During the evening, this lamp will automatically start lighting based on the configured mode.
The lamp is delivered with two aluminum bars of 18 cm each, allowing an installation further away from the wall (if necessary to receive more sun).

Functional switch (switch between 3 operating modes):

Press the button for 3 seconds to enter setup mode. When you have entered the configuration mode, the light with go on for a short while. If nothing happens, it may be that the battery is discharged, and you will have to put it in the sunlight for some time to charge it first. To setup one of the 3 modes of operation, first you have to enter in setup mode and after that you have to push the button again until you get to the desired mode. Once you are there, you don’t push it anymore. Each time the button is pushed the light will briefly flash.
1. First mode: continuously dimmed except when motion detected
(While people go through sensing area, the light is on. The light dims after the people leave the area).
2. Second mode: Press the switch again: light will be on only when motion is detected and after that it goes off.
3. Third mode: Press the switch again: light will be on for max 5 hours in dimmed mode as soon as it is dark outside. In dimmed mode, the light intensity is about 20% of the maximum.

Turning the light off: Press the switch again: turn off. In this mode nothing will happen in the evening. It mode is mostly useful for transporting the lamp (otherwise it will discharge in the box, thinking that it is night!).

Motion sensor lighting time: Once the person moved out of the detection area, the light continues to stay on for another 10s .
Light control function: A light sensor ensures that the light will only turn on during the night.

Working principle:
1.The solar panel will charge the battery when the sun shines. More and stronger sunshine will charge the battery faster.
2. The lamp will automatically start working at night according to the programmed mode.
3. Motion sensing mode: when people go through the sensing area, the light will turn on.
4. The lamp will be in standby when people leave the sensing area for about 10 seconds.

1. When using for the first time, please place the product under direct sunlight for several hours in order to charge the battery.
2. If the light is flashing this indicated that the battery is low. It needs some sun to charge it again.
3. Solar powered LED lights depend heavily on the weather. The illumination time will be longer when the exposure to sunlight is long
and the illumination time will be shorter when the weather is bad.

Available in white or black.

Power: 5 Watt.

Battery warranty: 1 year.

Bar code 5420069510138
Model Solar panel lamp with LED_4W_IP65_NW
Color Temperature (K) 4000
Light (lm) 450
Cover Frosted
Dimensions (mm) 200*120*15
Weight (g) 250
IP Rating IP65
Working Temperature (Degree Celsius) -25... +45
Material Polycarbonate
Body Color White
Mounting bar material Aluminium
Battery Lithium rechargable 3.7V 2200mAh
LED Source 2835 * 48 pieces SMD LED
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    Chris L
    Rating: 5/5
    Echt cool!
    heb nu 5 gekocht; niet duur vind ik! Bedankt Luminus!
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    Rating: 5/5
    Het doet wat het moet doen
    zo mooi wit in mijn tuin!

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