Lila - Little lamp: Dim To Warm, with wireless rechargable battery with Qi charger - grey

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This little lamp on battery is designed to fit the most of the places inside . Being battery operated, you can move it easily anywhere: in the children' s room, on a table, on a cupboard, to highlight a special corner or to enjoy a long evening outside, at home or on a trip, without worrying about cables and power outlets. Can be easily used in restaurants, bars due to its dimmable functionality and little size.

One can admire the art of lighting applied on this new product:
- the artisanal concrete base giving stability,
- the fine effect of the Qaledo Dim To Warm LED bulb,
- the desired light intensity and colour change throught the built-in dimmer,
- mobile, being battery operated
- easy wireless charger
- can be used with different Qaledo bulbs for different effects

The battery is rechargeable and offers a minimum of 10h of light, depending on the dimming level.

The recharging is done wireless: with just a single move.

Lila lamp is vailable in three colours: white, grey, black. Bulb not included.

Fitting bulbs: RUBRUM I - 3V, BOLETUS I - 3V or CALIGO I - 3V.

Free gift: the first LILA lamps are being delivered with a (removable) Christmas decoration (hat & scarf).

Barcode 5420069552756
Model Lila-B-1.8W-E27-G(52756)
Nominal Voltage (charger) 230V
Voltage Range (charger) 210-265V AC
Maximum Power 1.8W
Frequency Range 50Hz
Dimming Range 10% - 100%
Qaledo dimming Yes
Dimensions(mm) 78 x 78 x 112
Weight (g) 600
IP Rating IP20
Working Temperature (Degree Celsius) -25... +45
Wireless charging station Yes
Lamp material Artisanal concrete
Socket for the bulb E27 modified
Battery 3.7V, 5000mAh, Lithium/Ion rechargeable

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