UK Extention cable with LED dimmer - rubber cable

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In many places people cannot take advantage of the great atmosphere created by our dim to warm technology because the fixtures are not dimmable. The Dimmer extension cable is the easy solution to fix this problem. Just inserting it between the wall plug and the lamp, it makes suddenly available the whole magic of the Qaledo DimTo Warm filament bulb range.

Barcode 5420069552329
Model QD-Extention-Dimmer-Cable-UK(52329)
Operating Voltage 230V
Voltage Range 210-265V AC
Maximum Power 100W
Frequency Range 50Hz
Dimming Range 10% - 100%
Qaledo dimming Yes
Cable length 2m
Cable material Rubber
Cable color Black
Cable type Round
Plug UK standard
Socket UK
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