SPDR-60W-1-10V-00 (04175)

SPDR-60W-1-10V-00 (04175)

The 1-10V dimmable constant current drivers are suitable to be used with the Qaledo round or rectangular panels.

All the drivers have the same voltage range and the same connector to fit the panels.

This means that any panel can be equipped with any driver as long as the nominal power of the driver doesn't exceed the nominal power of the panel.

If a panel provides too much light, one can either use a dimmable driver or if dimmability is not required, simply a lower power driver can also do the job.

The 1-10V dimmable drivers source current on the controlling wires, thus making possible to dimm them also with variable resistors.

Bar code 5420069504175
Model SPDR-60W-1-10V-00
Power (W) 60
Dimmable yes
Factory testing 32-42V
Weight (g) 220
IP Rating IP20
Working Temperature (Degree Celsius) -25... +45