Universal LED driver

Universal LED driver

Universal constant current / constant voltage dimmable LED driver, suitable for a wide range of LEDs with various voltage requirements. It is a very high performance driver, with an excellent power factor and efficiency.

The fact that it can be dimmed both externally with a wall dimmer but also internally with a variety of ways makes it very versatile in usage. It can be connected to a Dali bus used in a hotel for example, but it can also be controlled from an EnOcean wire and battery - less switch which requires no cabling. Of course for some applications a simple push button attached to it is sufficient or a simple rotating knob to control it.

The power can be adjusted from very small levels up to the maximum value by software or by some DIP switches.

We produce this driver in any form factor to suit the design of the lamp incorporating it, for example to fit in a canopy or a narrow body to fit in a tube, etc.

Bar code 5420069505783
Model DR-230V-30W-D-CC
Power (W) Up to 30W
Dimmable Yes
Nominal Voltage 230V
Voltage Range 180-265V AC
Frequency Range 50-60Hz
Power Factor at full power 0.98
Power supply type Constant Current
Output voltage 6-48V
Output current up to 0.7A
Efficiency @42V output 90%
Factory testing Tested at 280V during 8h continuously, 8h on/off, 8h continuously
Dimensions (mm) can be customized
IP Rating IP20
Working Temperature (Degree Celsius) -25... +45
Dimmable Yes
External Dimmability Leading edge or Trailing edge
Internal Dimmability Push button, Potentiometer, Dali, EnOcean, RF,Bluetooth Low Energy